Monday, May 26, 2014

Cartago Costa Rica 5.26.14

Ok, transfers. Elder Estrada was transferred to serve in San Miguel in San Jose. I learned a lot from yesterday. I'll write a lot about that in a second. I'm still here serving in Cartago. My new companions name is Elder Guevara. He's from El Salvador and is my cousin. Elder Johnson is our grandpa and Elder Estrada and Elder Celida, (our fathers) were brothers. So I'm serving in Cartago with my cousin and our Grandpa is still our Zone Leader. We don't know who the new Lider de DIstrito is until tonight. Elder Guevara has 9 months in the field and is pretty cool.
The lesson I learned yesterday was about pride, humility, and charity.
Elder Estrada was confident that he was going to be transferred. So he took a notebook with him and had people write down parting words of wisdom and other stuff. He filled our day fill of all the people he wanted to say goodbye to. They each gave about 5 minute talks about what a great Elder he is and how much success he is going to have. At the time we didn't know which of us was going to be transferred. So in my mind I began asking questions like, "What about me? I might leave too ya know" But as time went on,  recognized that that was actually a very prideful thought. I decided that now was a good time to learn to swallow my pride and learn how to be more humble. I took comfort in the thought that even if I was going to be changed, I knew that I made a difference here. I didn't need all the praise. One day I will see those people enter into Heaven. That's good enough for me. So I swallowed my pride and just let go. Once I did that, I began to experience charity. I love my investigators, recent converts, and the members here. But every once and awhile we have a brush with true charity. There's a reason why Moroni or Mormon exhort us to pray with all diligence of heart for that gift. It is some of the most beautiful, wonderful, feeling I've ever experienced.
I don't know who the new District Leader will be. It really doesn't matter who. But think it will be my companion. He's humble and I'd follow him already. He's a great guy.
I almost forgot to write this. We had two more baptisms!! One on Sunday and one on Saturday. One was a little 8 year old girl named Grace and the other was the daughter of Patricia and Juan Jose named Stephanie! Slowly helping that family become eternal. Its excellent. Anyways I love you all lots!
Siga Adelante,
Elder Neider

PS. When you send packages, make sure to pack some new ties...... It's the only part of the clothes that changes besides gray or blue pants....

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Cartago Costa Rica 5.19.14

So I'm figuring how to send pictures. Its a slow process. This last week was good. This next week is going to be crazy. We have tranfers this coming monday and a lot of crazy rumors. Elder Johnson might become an AP. Elder Estrada is probably leaving Cartago and we are all pretty interested to see what happens to me. Well see.
We have one baptism this Saturday followed by 2 more next week. The work is starting to pick up here. I love it! I'm having a lot of success and I feel great. I need to go report to my leaders though so I need to log off. Sorry for being brief.

Siga Adelante,
Elder Neider

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Cartago Costa Rica 5.5.14

Dearest Family,
Hello once again. I did the math and on April 22, one eighth of my mission was completed. I was talking to Elder Johnson and he said that this May 26 will be the end of this transfer. We did the math again and at the end of this transfer, one fifth of my mission will be over. Once we were done with that short activity we quickly went back to work because we realized we are running out of time. Him more so than me.
Elder Johnson went to West Lake High School in Utah I believe and has been in the mission for 17 months now. His birthday is this Wednesday. Elder Johnson is one of my Zone Leaders. We go on Divisions or Splits from time to time. It's nice talking with another Gringo from time to time.
So I've been talking with my companion, Elder Estrada about Mother's Day. He says he has no idea how to plan for it. Luckily Elder Johnson called us later with info on it. We will be going to a members house were both Elder Estrada and I can talk via Skype with our families for 30-40 mins. The plan right now is Sunday some time between 3-5. The people here suck at planning. I'm sorry but that's the best information I can give you at the present.
Patricia, (The tico Jeanine) and her husband, Juan Jose, will be being baptized and confirmed members of the Church this Sunday as well!! The best part about baptizing people in your first year, is that you get the opportunity to attend their temple sealings in one years time. Obviously you cant attend those after the one year mark because you'll go home before the sealing. But I'm so happy. Easily one of the happiest experiences in my life is teaching them and seeing the change. They started off as a kinda ,"Ok we will listen, but you can't make me give up our coffee" Well, when investigators actually keep their commitments, ie reading the Book of Mormon and praying about it, conversion happens. Last week their conversion has been so thorough that they began teaching us the discussions because the study so much about the things we ask them to read. No joke. They legitly taught us the entire Law of Chastity. Super cool.
So I want to talk about to rumors I've heard through word of mouth but I can't look them up. One is about a disaster in New York that happened last week? If you could keep me updated on disasters that happen around the world, that would be very great. Earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes. You know the signs of the times verdad? The other is very cool. Apparently, in Guatemala, ancient ruins have been uncovered with the names Laman and Lemuel written all over the place. Super cool. Please do some research on that for me.
As for Corbin, dude, you're living your High School years right. Lots of people sit around doing nothing. But you're constantly doing lots of activities and are actually enjoying life. I look back on my High School experience and I loved it because I went out and did the fun things that brought me joy. I pray for you and the rest of the gang everyday.
The Kiosk was a major success. Usually we can talk with about 15 people a day and share a few principles. But with the Kiosk we easily talked close to 50 every 2 hours. It's super successful, but we would rather be in a house teaching.
Anyways, I see posters of Amazing Spiderman 2: Rise of Electro. (Correct name?) Is it good? I miss movies.
We finally got the package in my hands on Saturday and we did the activity last night. Elder Estrada wants to use it to explain the Expiacion or Atonement sometime. He thought it was super creative and cool. He asked if you were the Relief Society President. I laughed and said yeah. But even if she wasn't we still would've gotten it.
Tell the Warners Hi for me. Ustedes son super tuanis.
Siga Adelante,

Elder Neider