Photos from the Field

The birthday girl.

Elders in the zone.

Group photo of zone.

 New plaques.

 Missionary plaque.

Family to be baptized.

First Dr. Pepper in 18 months.

Elder Neider and fellow missionaries.

Elder Vanderhayden, Elder Neider and Elder Miller.
Costa Rica Mission in June 2015.  Last photo with President Wilkinson and family.  Elder Neider is in the back left just of the middle.

Pioneer Wrestling with incredible muscles.

Father's Day Haka


THIS ISN'T EITHER.  Just Kool-aid!

Homemade Ponchos1!

Homemade Ponchos2!

Elder Neider & Elder Kepoo, the younger.  Elder Kepoo, the elder, served in Cedar Hills.  Now his younger brother is serving in Costa Rica with Caden.  Fun to see how much of a small world it is.

Elder Guerro and Elder Neider on splits.

Elder Neider getting around in Costa Rica.

Elder Caden Neider's Line of Authority

New missionaries in Costa Rica.  Elder Neider is in the 3rd row from the front on the far right side!

Cafeteria at the MTC West

Our apartment complex

Rainbow drink

Hermana Hernaez made a rainbow drink.

Hermana Hernaez drinking her rainbow drink.

The whole zone eating dinner minus Elder Sevy & Shumway.

Whole zone eating dinner together with the previously mentioned Elders.

Hermanas in the District.

The District over mine.  To be named later.

Selfie with Elder Miller

Selfie with Elder Vandermeyden

Selfie with Hermana Hart (L) and Hermana Taylor (R)

Selfie with Hermana Page (L) and Hermana Hernaez (R)

Selfie with Hermana Rawe (L) and Hermana Daniels (R)

Selfie with Hemana Harrelston (L) and Hermana Mansfield (R)

Selfie with Hermana Beardall (L) and Hermana Womack (R)

No one knows what's going on.

Selfie with Elder Leska (mi companero)

Hermana Morales (L) and Hermana Chandia (R)

Elder Shumway being lifted for no reason

Goofy selfie

Rosie the Riveter on President's Day

Called to Serve!

Elder Vandermeyden make current best rainbow drink.

Socializing during picture time.

Selfie with Hermana Jones (L) and Hermana Carullo (R)

Selfie with Hermana Murolled (L) and Hermana Kent (R)

Elder Vandermeyden and I's Attributes of Christ Web.  How they connect to one another.  A work in progress.

Elder Caden Donevan Neider.  Reporting for duty!

The District

A day at the temple on P-Day
Elder Neider's room

Elder Neider's room

Elder Miller (L) and Elder Vandermeyden (R) share an apartment with them

The kitchen

Elder Leska, my companion

Elder V & Elder Miller match outfits that build unity.  Something like that.

My 1st meal.


Our district's 1st temple trip.  L-R
H. Morales, H. Chandia, H. Womack, H. Beardall, E. Miller, E. Vandermeyden, E. Leska & E. Me.

Our 1st temple trip take 2.

Main Campus MTC

1st Selfie as an Elder

Elder Leska doesn't like smiling.

The older district before us, passed down all of the MTC traditions because they were leaving for the field in the morning.

Selfies with above mentioned Elders

Selfies with above mentioned Elders

Selfies with above mentioned Elders

Cool choir ad

Study cycle in the apartment

Elder Miller & Elder Shumway in the Tall Lab

Elder Sevy (the new district's District Leader).  We are known as the "Companionship that Never Was!"

My 1st completed meal

Action shots

Action shots

My 1st tag

Stare down the morning of the Snickers Challenge.  A 1 pound, 1 foot of pure Snickers Bar. 20 Minutes to eat it.  It was on!

Classic MTC point to your mission w/ district.

Classic MTC point to your mission w/ district. Take 2.

Map and Me!

Map and Me!

Main Campus Cafeteria is much nicer than ours at West Campus.

Selfie in cafeteria.

Spot the difference from the last picture?  That's right.  Still no smile.

Elder Leska not being happy because he was chastised to get a haircut. 

So it begins

Getting more serious

1st bite

Action shot

Halfway done

Getting depressed

Thinking of quitting

Accepting defeat

Oops . . . Just kidding

5 o'clock service project.  Not expected to smile.

Elders falling asleep at service project.

Biggest bag of Doritos the world will never know.

My Doritos!

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  1. So fun to see pictures! Love them! You look so great! Glad you had a good experience at the MTC! On to Costa Rica! Love and prayers go with you! Hug Hug Kiss Kiss!
    Hermana Grandma in Idaho!