Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Canas, Guanacaste, Costa Rica 9.22.14

Hey Family!

Thanks for that quote Mom. It's exactly what I needed to hear. I got stabbed in the bum today by a syringe! My bum is killing me! We ate lunch with a woman named Odi. She has a son named Banardo. He is special. Everyday he comes and gives as a big hug. We walked in the kitchen to see what we could do to help out. My back was to the door so I didn't see it coming. I felt a pinch in my bum so I turned around to see Banardo backing away laughing. The syringe was bloody and bent. I understand what had happened and the only words I could think of was "No!" Everyone began to panic and I began hobbling over to the bathroom. My companion began asking me about my heart. I said, It's not my heart it's my bum dude!
Turns out if air enters it will travel to your heart and kill you. No bueno. I'm doing fine and just feeling some pain right now. But it's all good. 
We've had some pretty cool teaching experiences too though.Their are two youth here that have a hard time paying attention in lessons. They didn't understand the importance of baptism much. We entered the house and we found that they both really love futbol and basketball. We read 2 Nephi 31:5 which talks about Christ being holy but needs to be baptized, how much more do we need it. We picked up a soccer ball and asked them,"Quien son sus jugadores favoritos?"They said Mario something and Michael Jordan. We asked them to you think that they practice? They said yep. So we used that verse. If Michael Jordan is a professional, and he needs to practice, how much more do you, being a teenager need to practice? He said a lot. We then re-explained that Jesus Christ is a professional and still showed us that we need to practice. 
It was a very cool experience of us because we knew the Spirit was speaking through us in that moment. It was super simple to understand and their attention was fixed. 
We just keep moving forward. 

Siga Adelante,
-Elder Neider

I was able to contact Caden immediately after he emailed me.  This was my response to his syringe stabbing.

Hey. Could you get a disease from the syringe?  Tell your president what happened and seek medical care at the mission office. It is important that make sure to get it looked at. I'm not kidding. I will contact your mission president. Holy cow!
This was Elder Neider's response to me email.
Calm down. It's alright. We are all good. Already called and we are fine. Hahahahaha love you too Mom. It's fine. Haha. It was a clean syringe, never been used. If I was going to die it would have happened already. Hermana Garnder is the nurse for the missionaries and she said I'm all good.

Then I responded with:


Monday, September 15, 2014

Canas, Guanacaste, Costa Rica 9.15.14

Hola Chicos,

Corbin is going to sing Goodbye! Dude that's a fantastic song. It's my favorite broadway song by far. I think you'll do really good with that. Just need to learn how to hold that super high note at the end for 30 seconds..... Good luck! 
Things in Cañas are doing great. President Wilkenson and us missionaries are trying to put a new stake here in Guanacaste so we've been incredible busy with reactivating less actives and trying to prepare people for baptism. It's been difficult because people aren't following through on commitments much. But that's the story of the life of missionaries. 
Today is the Independance Day for all of Central America. There's parades going on in every city in Centroamerica. Its crazy. The sad thing is that the law enforcement here isn't the best so just about every teenager has a big jug of Imperial Beer in there hand. Its about a liter for only $2. It's sad. Luckily we haven't seen members drinking.... so far. 
My scripture study has really changed. I ask the Lord to help to learn a principle in Preach My Gospel and a story in the Book of Mormon or the Bible pops into my head. Once i really start studying the story the doctrine just starts flowing. It's incredible. I know that the Lord is preparing this area and me. He has big plans. Kinda like the Plan of Salvation. But that plan isn't really that big.... Just kidding... I don't preach apostasy like dat. 
A really cool thing happened the other day. We were trying to go teach a youth named Heiner. We said Upe Buenas, and an old man came out saying he isn't home. Feeling a little discouraged because we knew his baptism date was about to fall, we began to turn to leave. As we did that I heard a distinct voice or impression. "Aren't you going to teach him?" I turned back to look at him. We made eye contact and he walked toward us. "I have a question for you boys." Ok what is your question? "Is Hell a real place?" Great question Hermano. Do you mind if we come in to teach you about it? "Sure. Come on in" 
The Lord is hastening His work. As we do our best to be ready for His promptings, He will send help to point us where we should go. I love being a missionary and I'm doing my best to do His will. I love you all and please keep writing me.
Almost forgot. If you could send new ties for me that would be great! After 8 months the same 10 are a little old. A new long sleeved shirt would be great as well. My companion says if you guys can please send the Girl Scout Chocolate Mint Cookies. Other than that I can't think of much else. Thanks Mom and Dad.  Love you.

Siga adelante,
-Elder Neider

Monday, September 8, 2014

Canas, Guanacaste, Costa Rica 9.8.14

This week was great. But to be completely honest, i dont have any good stories. So im going to spend my time sending photos and videos. 

Siga Adelante,
-Elder Neider

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Canas, Guanacaste, Costa Rica 9.1.14

Ok Gang,
I got some cool stuff this week. 
My whole district had baptisms this week so we were all pretty happy. Hermanas de Union had one and the Hermanas de Cañas Unidas had one. We had 3! Incredible! The Lord is preparing His children. We also had a Noche de Talentos or Talent Night. Elder Rivera and I performed "Let It Be" by the Beatles with a less active named Yafeth. Through praticing with him and visits, his whole family minus his dad came to sacrament meeting. We performed and people loved it. Yafeth felt great. The best part was they cheered for an encore and Yafeth and I sang "Wake Me Up" by Avici. I felt great singing in front of people again. I hope you get audio from the video clips. 
We baptized that woman named Nubia. She's super happy because she was baptized on the 2 year anniversary of her son's baptism. He is currently serving in Guatamala. The other 2 were the sons of Marco and Sobeida named Eduardo and Fransico. Eduardo has a pet monkey named Cleopatra. I got a couple photos with her. 
All is well here. We are beginning to change our aproach to the work. Instead of finding on our own a lot, we are now encouraged to reactivate less active family and then have them bring us to there friends to reactive and baptize. The goal before this change was to have 20 progressing investigators. With the change the goal is now 40-50 progressing investigators! If the Lord thinks we can do it, thats good enough for us. So we are on our way to 50. 
The work goes good and I hope youre all not missing me too much. 
Two funny things that are beginning to happen as well. When my hair is short I like to spike it up in the front. But my hair is now too long to spike in the front so I try to do the formal combed to the side thing that mom did with my hair when I was little. In my attempts to recreate that, my district has now nicknamed me Elder Bednar. If the video goes through you'll hear Hermana Chatwin and Garcia call me by Elder Bednar. The other funny thing is that i am continueing to testify and talk about mission work in my sleep. My companion said I woke him up to testify last night at 1 in the morning and continued teaching until 2 before he asked who I was talking to. I apparently said "To nadie" and fell asleep. I speak Spanglish in my sleep! haha.
Love you all and I'm praying for you guys. Have a great week,

Siga Adelante,
-Elder Bednar