Monday, September 15, 2014

Canas, Guanacaste, Costa Rica 9.15.14

Hola Chicos,

Corbin is going to sing Goodbye! Dude that's a fantastic song. It's my favorite broadway song by far. I think you'll do really good with that. Just need to learn how to hold that super high note at the end for 30 seconds..... Good luck! 
Things in CaƱas are doing great. President Wilkenson and us missionaries are trying to put a new stake here in Guanacaste so we've been incredible busy with reactivating less actives and trying to prepare people for baptism. It's been difficult because people aren't following through on commitments much. But that's the story of the life of missionaries. 
Today is the Independance Day for all of Central America. There's parades going on in every city in Centroamerica. Its crazy. The sad thing is that the law enforcement here isn't the best so just about every teenager has a big jug of Imperial Beer in there hand. Its about a liter for only $2. It's sad. Luckily we haven't seen members drinking.... so far. 
My scripture study has really changed. I ask the Lord to help to learn a principle in Preach My Gospel and a story in the Book of Mormon or the Bible pops into my head. Once i really start studying the story the doctrine just starts flowing. It's incredible. I know that the Lord is preparing this area and me. He has big plans. Kinda like the Plan of Salvation. But that plan isn't really that big.... Just kidding... I don't preach apostasy like dat. 
A really cool thing happened the other day. We were trying to go teach a youth named Heiner. We said Upe Buenas, and an old man came out saying he isn't home. Feeling a little discouraged because we knew his baptism date was about to fall, we began to turn to leave. As we did that I heard a distinct voice or impression. "Aren't you going to teach him?" I turned back to look at him. We made eye contact and he walked toward us. "I have a question for you boys." Ok what is your question? "Is Hell a real place?" Great question Hermano. Do you mind if we come in to teach you about it? "Sure. Come on in" 
The Lord is hastening His work. As we do our best to be ready for His promptings, He will send help to point us where we should go. I love being a missionary and I'm doing my best to do His will. I love you all and please keep writing me.
Almost forgot. If you could send new ties for me that would be great! After 8 months the same 10 are a little old. A new long sleeved shirt would be great as well. My companion says if you guys can please send the Girl Scout Chocolate Mint Cookies. Other than that I can't think of much else. Thanks Mom and Dad.  Love you.

Siga adelante,
-Elder Neider

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