Thursday, February 26, 2015

Puerto Viejo, Heredia, Costa Rica 2.24.15

Buenos Tardes,

Hoy fue un poco triste porque mi familia olvido escribirme. Entonces, voy a escribirles en EspaƱol como una castigo por su bagaces. Nombres. 
Este semana era pura vida. Muchos milagros y Presidente Cordon vino para ayudarnos con la mision porque Presidente Wilkenson estuvo una suregia. Esta bien ahora. Tenemos investigatores progresando adelante de bautismo y estamos teniendo mucho exito. Puerto Viejo ahora recibira permiso para ser una rama de Sion! Que bendicion!
Les amo.

Sigamos Adelante,
-Elder Neider


Good Afternoon, 

Today was a little sad because my family forgot me. So I'll write in Spanish as a punishment.
This week was pure joy. Many miracles and President Gordon came to help with the mission that President Wilkenson spent in surgery. He is fine now. Our investigators are progressing toward baptism and are having much success. Puerto Viejo has now received permission to be a branch of Zion! What a blessing!  I love you.

Let Forward,

-Elder Neider

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Puerto Viejo, Heredia, Costa Rica 2.17.15

Good Morning San Diego,

Whussup! This week was just a plain weird week. It's just.... nombres. I don't know how to explain it. We had miracles and disasters. I'll give you the good news and the bad news. But the bad news first.
This week our house was broken into and we got robbed! Cool right? They took $70 from me and the camera of my companion with all the photo of his mission. Needless to say he is pretty upset. I put a picture in to show a little of the apartment afterward. Who robs a church? Haha.
Another bad thing that happened was that a lot of members didn't come to church this week. It was gonna be da bomb dot com but they just didn't all get there :( 
The miracles that we received was the family of Narciso came to church! What a blessing. I baptized him way back in November and now we have 8 of his family members coming to church and reading the Book of Mormon. What a blessing. Tomasa is his wife. She is a miracle in and of herself. She has 17 children. We got 8 to come but she's holding out the the addresses of the other 9 hahaha
This are also some cool photos we took this week. 
I love you all very much and I hope things are going great!

Sigamos Adelante,
-Elder Neider

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Puerto Viejo, Heredia, Costa Rica 2.10.15

Dear Family,

I have a nephew coming Elder Alvarado!
I have a nephew coming, Random Citizen! (Would you like to hear of Jesus Christ as well)
I have a nephew cominbg Mission President 
I have a nephew coming Lightspeeeeeeeeeddddd. 
 Haha i hope you got that reference ;)
Haha that something that you didnt say. Is it a boy or a girl Megan!?!
Nombres. I dont have anything to report this week. I dont remember anything now that im thinking that youre pregnant! Yeah babies everywhere...! Hoorayyyy
Well awesome! I am just so happy now. A few hours ago my companion told me that he asked President for tranfers becuase he doesnt like me or the area of Puerto Viejo. I am so happy to have read this message. I feel so much better now. I have never been so happy to hear that my sister is throwing up everyday before. Hooray. Enjoy it. Man. I feel like going out to teach of how families can be together forever now. Thanks for that Sister. I love you both so very much! Congratulations about the puppy as well! I love you all. Love you Tim. 
Sigamos Adelante,
-Elder Neider

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Puerto Viejo, Heredia, Costa Rica 2.3.15

This week has been pretty great! Lots of tender mercies and a little let downs. First off, today was Transfer Day. I am still going to be in Puerto Viejo with my companion Elder Alvarado. So 6 more weeks together. I'm still serving as a District Leader which always is interesting. Right now i have a sister that flat out doesn't want anything to do with me. I tried to figure out why and her companion said she simply is making the decision to not like me. Oh well. Its a great lesson that I'm learning in Leadership and in Charity. haha. There's always a bright side to thing right?
I am very happy to be staying in Puerto Viejo. A few weeks ago I remember praying to the Lord for one more change here. Looks like He thought that was a great idea :) Today we will be meeting with some lawyers to figure out how to divorce and marry 4 incredible investigators for this month. Its really weird. The mission really is the shortcut to the adult world. haha 20 year old white kid helping divorce and marry 2 couples in Costa Rica. Haha alrighty.
The reason is here, lots of people that have gotten married and after leave and begin living with someone else. To obey the law of chastity, they have to legally divorce and then marry the person they are living with. It's sad but that's part of the culture. We found an interesting loophole in the law though. The divorce process in Costa Rica is a 10 year deal. But we found that if the married persons have been separated for more than 3 years, their marriage is anulled and is void. If this is true, we will see many more baptisms in Costa Rica. haha like I said, it's really weird. Never thought for once in my life I would have to do these kinds of things. haha. 
I love you and I hope things are going great with everyone. 

Sigamos Adelante,
-Elder Neider

PS You have got to send the photo of Narciso in the Ohio State sweat shirt to Donnie and Christine ASAP. HAHAHAHA That was SO stinkin funny when I saw he had that!