Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Puerto Viejo, Heredia, Costa Rica 2.10.15

Dear Family,

I have a nephew coming Elder Alvarado!
I have a nephew coming, Random Citizen! (Would you like to hear of Jesus Christ as well)
I have a nephew cominbg Mission President 
I have a nephew coming Lightspeeeeeeeeeddddd. 
 Haha i hope you got that reference ;)
Haha that something that you didnt say. Is it a boy or a girl Megan!?!
Nombres. I dont have anything to report this week. I dont remember anything now that im thinking that youre pregnant! Yeah babies everywhere...! Hoorayyyy
Well awesome! I am just so happy now. A few hours ago my companion told me that he asked President for tranfers becuase he doesnt like me or the area of Puerto Viejo. I am so happy to have read this message. I feel so much better now. I have never been so happy to hear that my sister is throwing up everyday before. Hooray. Enjoy it. Man. I feel like going out to teach of how families can be together forever now. Thanks for that Sister. I love you both so very much! Congratulations about the puppy as well! I love you all. Love you Tim. 
Sigamos Adelante,
-Elder Neider

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