Saturday, February 21, 2015

Puerto Viejo, Heredia, Costa Rica 2.17.15

Good Morning San Diego,

Whussup! This week was just a plain weird week. It's just.... nombres. I don't know how to explain it. We had miracles and disasters. I'll give you the good news and the bad news. But the bad news first.
This week our house was broken into and we got robbed! Cool right? They took $70 from me and the camera of my companion with all the photo of his mission. Needless to say he is pretty upset. I put a picture in to show a little of the apartment afterward. Who robs a church? Haha.
Another bad thing that happened was that a lot of members didn't come to church this week. It was gonna be da bomb dot com but they just didn't all get there :( 
The miracles that we received was the family of Narciso came to church! What a blessing. I baptized him way back in November and now we have 8 of his family members coming to church and reading the Book of Mormon. What a blessing. Tomasa is his wife. She is a miracle in and of herself. She has 17 children. We got 8 to come but she's holding out the the addresses of the other 9 hahaha
This are also some cool photos we took this week. 
I love you all very much and I hope things are going great!

Sigamos Adelante,
-Elder Neider

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