Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Puerto Viejo, Heredia, Costa Rica 12.23.14

Dear Family,
Merry Christmas! What a wonderful time to be serving the Lord and following His way. Things have been pretty good here. I HAVE INCREDIBLY BIG NEWS WHEN WE SKYPE! DONT LET ME FORGET!!!
We have been having many miracles this month. We will not baptized this month but January is going to start off killer! We have a man named Luis that will be baptized on the 3rd of January and a little family of 3 on the 10th. I'm so very grateful to a loving Heavenly Father for preparing the way for us. I know He lives and watches over us and our many situations. We decided to start working in a new barrio to begin finding new people to teach. Our plan was to talk with as many people as we could and teach to find new investigators when they allowed. As we were walking past one house, i felt that we should stop to talk with them. As we continued to walk, i felt more and more that we should go back. So we turned around and began talking and eventually we got into a lesson. We spoke for some time about who they are and what we could do to help. They said nothing just like everyone else. I then offered to say the opening prayer. "Is there anything that you would like me to ask in specific?" The mom of the family began to cry as she asked for unity in the home and that love could return. 
I offered the prayer and we had a fantastic experience with the Dadiva. She and her family all came to church two days later and we have been teaching them since. She absolutely loves the church and cant stay away! Her and her two kids will be baptized on the 10th of January. 
My spirtual experience ends where we started. She later told us her experience of when we found them. She knew the moment that we walked by that we would return to talk with her family. She said that we were going to use the excuse of finding someone else to begin the conversation, which we did. Both the family and us were prepared to reun into the other that day. What a great miracle.

This week I was able to download some wonderful Conference Talks. One of them is called "The Lords Way" by Quentin L Cook when he was only a Seventy back in the day. I love it so much. I began to cry when he said that "We are not Spiritual Orphans". It was incredibly powerful for me. I know what it feels like to be an orphan in an adopted family. My Mom and Dad, Kelly Loosli and his wife, having talked to me in the longest time. 
It's great to see you all busy for the Christmas season. Dad has been quite a lot of characters lately. I've tried showing what my Dad looks like to my new companion but the only pictures I have on this email are of Santa Clause, a Doctor, the Rock Star guy from Halloween, and one other I think. 
Way to be Corbin! Front Row in the picture with 4 girls on each side. Thats my boy :') 
Slap Brendon for Christmas for me Megan. Pretty please? 
Other than that things have been good. Being District Leader is great. I get to work with the other missionaries a ton. My uncle in the mission is my Zone Leader. Its pretty awesome. 
I've gotten the packages of Mom, Grandma, and Grandma. Hermana Coleman called today to say that a one "BJ Hunt" sent a package. I sat there thinking, "BJ? I don't know a BJ" I recognized the last name and screamed "BG HUNT!" Hahaha. He'll think thats funny. It was really uinexpected to get a package of my Deacon Quorem Advisor. I love that guy. Thanks Hunt Family!

Love you all,
Sigan Adelante,

-Elder Neider

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Puerto Viejo, Heredia, Costa Rica 12.16.14

Hello again,

Well, this week has been crazy. I have some good news! I have been assigned to be a District Leader in the Zone of Atlantica. This is the best zone on Earth and we need to keep working hard. I have big shoes to fill. I'm doing my best and we are just gonna keep moving forward. 
This week was also a little tough. We had three people ready to be baptized but night after night, one by one, they began falling through. One of them had a little doubt about being baptized, So he talked with the fellowshipping family about it. Now the family is saying to him, "Don't be baptized" and won't let us talk to him. WWWWHHHAAAATTTT?  Super frustrating, but what can you do? 
Another is named Luis. The only thing that is preventing him from baptism is times in church. If he didn't come Sunday his baptismal date would have fallen. We did everything that was in our power. The Saturday before we said we could come get him in the morning. He said ok. We asked his wife if she would like to come too. "I cant because we are leaving for Heredia to see our new grandchild for the first time! Did Luis not tell you...?" WWHHHAATTT? You gotta be kidding me. So he now has a baptismal date for the 3rd of January.
The last one doesn't want to leave drinking tea and coffee. We said if he doesn't leave it, he can't be baptized. "Fine then. I don't want to be baptized..:" WWWHHHAATTTT? Oh bother.
SO great things have been happening and baddish things have been happening. But we love a new love for the people and we are working hard. We know the Lord is preparing others for us. Just gotta go out and find 'em. 
Anyways, I love you all. We are going to be able to Skype on the 25th. This Sunday we are going to talk to our Group Leader who have offered us dinner and their internet :) Next week I will finish the planning of what hours. I don't remember the account name. Sorry!

Sigamos Adelante,
-Elder Neider

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Puerto Viejo, Heredia, Costa Rica 12.9.14

I hope everything is going well with the family this week. 
Yesterday Elder Hernandez had transfers so now im with my new companion. His name is Elder Alvarado. He is from the same part of Honduras as Elder Rivera was. He is an older missionary. Only has about 4 transfers or 6 months left. He thinks that this well be his last area. He is super cool and we are ready to get to work. 
This last week I've been learning a lot about our agency and our potential. I've learned that we truly are the sons and daughters of a loving Heavenly Father. He is perfect. He knows all things. He knows me and what I should become. He knows of my potential to become like HIm. He is a perfect being that we can all part a perfect trust in Him because He will not lead us astray. It's difficult at times to act by faith. But my faith is in a Father who will not lead me down crooked paths. He knows me and I love Him. I know He lives. I just need to choose to follow as He speaks. 
I love you all too. I hope that this Christmas year we can all learn a little more about who our Heavenly Father is and that we can learn to trust Him more. He trusts us and wants to bless. It's very simple to remember that part during this time of year. I love Him and im so very happy that He sent His Son for me. 

Siga Adelante,

-Elder Neider

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Puerto Viejo, Heredia, Costa Rica 12.2.14

Dear Family,

I'll start this week with commenting on the photos. The bloody hand and knife is because we were throwing knives in the backyard for Thanksgiving and mine slipped accidentally. Just kidding. It's the Kool-Aid mix that Grandma sent in the Birthday Package! Thanks grandma! The other photos are of me and Elder Hernandez in our homemade ponchos.
This week has been pretty different. We have been doing our best to help our investigators progress. We lost about 6 of our progressing investigators. They like reading the Book of Mormon, but they have all said "I like your book, but I will never go to church." Well saying that shows that they don't have sincere desires to follow Christ. We tried teaching each of them about 4 times after those comments pleading for them to pray to know what Heavenly Father wants them to do. One even said, "What's the point of asking God if I'm not going to follow the answer? Even if He said that your church is true I wouldn't come still. I don't want to be a Mormon" Well that just about killed us on the spot. 
Other than that the week has been great. We have been starting to find more investigators that want to come unto Christ. We are dedicated to find those that the Lord has prepared for us. 
This last month President Wilkenson made the goal for us to baptize and confirm 200 souls for the month of November. The whole mission worked hard with prayer and fasting and every ounce of work we could give. In Costa Rica, this mission has never baptized 200 people in a single month. We worked hard. This last weekend we finished this month and President Wilkenson sent a message to all of us to give thanks to a loving Heavenly Father who answers our prayers. We finished this month with 203 newly baptized and confirmed members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. What a miracle!
Heavenly Father loves us. If we are willing to act in faith, He will bless our efforts. I know this to be true.

Siga Adelante,

-Elder Neider