Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Letter 2.5.14 - Provo MTC West

So here's the update from this week of cool things that have happened. I became the District Leader this last Sunday. It's awesome. I love the MTC. Spanish is coming along great. ill be sending my first SD Card in the mail back home once you send yours. if I send the one I have now then I wont be able to save new pictures until you send it back. so send the other SD Card. Also...... Send a big ol bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos por favor! I LOVE them for no apparent reason and have been craving them. The older district of elders left this week so we inherited their food storage. We have all the food in the world.... minus Doritos. It makes me sad. Elder Miller has been daring me to eat lots of random stuff lately. I slurped a packet of Catalina Salad dressing and a full glass of maple syrup the other day. Tonight I will be attempting to eat a 1 pound Snickers bar that we inherited in under 30 minutes. I regret this decisions immediately but I'm suffering from pride. I've been sleeping well minus the fact that Elder Leska, (mi companero) sets the alarm for 5:30 so he can wake up to reset it for 6:30. It makes no sense, but it helps him. He is from Tuscon. Elder Vandermeyden is from Layton and Elder Miller is from Phoenix. Today we signed some documents for Visas so ill be departing to leave on March 4. I'll be able to call from the airport I believe but I think thats it. Mom. I love you. But you are notorious for not answering your phone. Well I call from the airport you have to answer. HAHAHA. but really. I'll keep you updated on that. Elder V and I are in the choir here at the MTC and its an amazing opportunity. It reminds me of High School Choir where a story would be told to get us to sing more emotionally. at the devotional last night, Elder David F Evans. He spoke on families and revelation. I encourage all of those who read my letters to reread the Family: a Proclamation To the World. We were told that we not only have to defend our faith and our church but we need to go out and defend the family nowadays. I love it. we get to go to the temple every P-Day. Today is was exactly what I needed. I know that families can be together forever. When you see the Warners next, give each of them a huge hug! I don't have the return address on me right now so this part of the letter is for them.
Thank you so much for sending me that package last week! It came at the perfect time. First off, "Caden, how are your friends?" Youre are an excellent new deacon my mi amigo. I actually needed to hear that when you sent it to me as a joke and i remembered what i learned from that talk. it heLped me treat our investigators better. Got me inside a door once or twice. Secondly, Riley, all the missionaries loved your cookies. I only got to eat one because everyone went back for seconds before I get my first. They loved them and asked who the valiant young lady was that baked these. And said it was my 9 year old bud that I became close with through Primary and Home Teaching to which my Branch President said, "Elder, if you don't ask her to make more, you are going home" We all laughed and he straight face said. "Im serious. Send more" so here I am. Asking you to send more. Thanks for keeping me out here. which brings me to my next person I want to talk to. Thanks you Luke for the money that you send me to add to my mission fund. It really means a lot that you sacrifice that for me. Lastly, Hermano and Hermana Warner. Gracias por todos que hace. Son muy excellente Padres y tienen sincero corazones. Gracias por sus hijos and sus testimonios. Cosas trabaja cuando ustedes son seguira Jesucristo. Even cuando King Noahs venir into su vidas.
Brother and Sister Warner. Thank you for all makes. You are very excellent parents and have sincere hearts. Thank you for your children and their testimonies. Things work when you are following Jesus Christ, even when King Noahs come into their lives.

Have fun translating. I think the scripture i want on the plaque is D&C 67:10. I'm not 100% percent sure on that though so don't say that yet. I found it today and I like it but I don't have a set of escrituras on my at the present so I can't be sure.

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