Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Letter 2.19.14 - Provo MTC West

Hello Everyone!

Alright so we are beginning week 5 at the MTC and only have about 12-13 days left before we head on out to Costa Rica. The temperature is currently 77 degrees there and Provo is freezing. Time to leave.
Spanish is going great. We have been studying very hard and know the basic conjugations for verbs in all of the tenses. We are currently learning subjunctive tense. It's getting easier to speak the language using HSI. When we are in lessons we don't struggle with the words we want to use. Obviously the people that we are teaching speak much slower spanish than the people will in Costa Rica. Understanding is pretty good and speaking a little less than that. But we fell very prepared to go out.
This last Monday the older Hermanas left. They were the District above us.. In the SD Card I'm sending home this week I'll introduce them to you. They were crazy awesome sisters and the MTC feels a little empty without them. They really helped my testimony grow. On Saturday and Sunday they all asked for Departure blessings. Elder Leska and I all gave two blessings a piece. It was his first blessings. It was a very sweet moment for all of us. 
Our TRC investigator Gabriel is coming leaps and bounds. He wants to be baptized and has a firm testimony. We invited him to church which he accepted and promised to obey La Palabra de Sabeduria. No mas coffee. He taught him about the Restoration and the Plan of Salvation and he knows that his father is in the Spirit World learning the gospel. If Gabriel comes to church we are gonna have another lesson on just baptism and why he is procrastinating. Hes a potential Eternal Investigator. 
Finished teaching Alfredo. Our maestros (teachers) act as investigators that they baptised on there missions. Hermano Turner is Alfredo. Alfredo didn't feel worthy of forgiveness because he broke apart his family through cocaine and his wife is a raging alcoholic. He had an unmatched love for his daughters though which is what pushed him to take the discussions. In the end we failed but we're on the right track. Tonight is the talk back about our experience.
I cant wait for you to get the pictures this week. BTW. The SD card you sent me was full of Brendons mission pictures. So the one I'm sending home is Elder Vandermeyden's. You need to send this coming on back pronto. I'm also sending Brendon's one back cuz I can't delete the pictures on it anyways. So send Elder V's back and the one I sent back the last time. 
I do need some favors. I need you to print out the lyrics to the hymns "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing", "Be Still My Soul", and "How Great Thou Art". Gracias
Send them in the mail or in a package. Over the web is not good cuz I won't get it till next Wednesday and I love getting mail! It's the best thing in the world going to the mailroom and seeing that you got some. Hermana Morales gets 8 a day. But my 1 or 2 a week are worth way more. Please write me letters! I only get 1 hour on computer which i use the whole time for this email. i have time to hand write actual letters after. I like it more as well. I can take them on the go. You put my emails on the blog for everyone who wants to read this can right?
Megan, where were you by chance today from 9:10-11:30? I had a cool experience if you were where I think you were, but if you were just at work then nevermind.
Devotionals are awesome. We have amazing speakers come. Last sunday President Matt Holland of UVU spoke on Joseph Smith. He is the son of Elder Holland who introduced him. It was also Sister Hollands B-Day. 
Love you all,
Elder Neider

PS. I have 30 mins left worth of email time so if you write back quick.  I can answer questions or something. I'm going to get the laundry so I'm be back online in about 10 mins.

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