Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Cartago Costa Rica 4.7.14

It's been both a great week and a terrible week. Elder Gomez and I had a Companion Inventory this Wednesday because he was mad about something. Throughout the whole thing I tried my very hardest to be humble and keep a cool head. I spoke with the Spirit a lot because he was talking down to me and yelling at me. He refused to listen to me and it was hurting my feelings. Eventually I asked," Elder, do you love me?" He said no. We began talking through that because that was the root of the problem. Turns out that he just doesn't like Gringos or people from North America. I continued to try but eventually he refused to even try to talk to me. The final thing he shouted at me was,"Fetching Gringo" which was the final straw for me. I became super upset because up until this point there was no respect for me and no respect as a representative of Jesus Christ was using racial slurs in a way intended to offend.
Elder Gomez was transferred to another area the next day. Elder Thompson said he was amazed by how humble I was. Elder Estrada said I was great until the Fetching Gringo comment. He said I looked like I was about to punch Elder Gomezs' head off. During the nighttime I said a prayer to help me forgive all the crap he's done to me. I felt the impression that I needed to apologize. I asked for help because I didn't feel like I could do it on my own. I was shaking at the foot of his bed as I said "Elder, yo quiero decir lo siento por este manana. I also want to say that I forgive you for all the bad things you do and say to me" to which he began making snoring noises when I switched to English.
I traveled to Turriabla for splits the next day where I gave my first Melchizedek Priesthood Ordinance in Spanish. I anointed the oil. The next day I traveled to Paraiso with the Zone Leaders for day two of splits. We finished off that day by playing Futbol.
Conference was amazing and exactly what I needed. My thoughts are these on Conference. In the first session, tornados and whirlwinds were mentioned 3 times. The rest of the conference was about strengthening testimonies in loads of different aspects as well as a lot about the Second Coming. My thought is this, now is the time to be strengthening our foundations and helpĂ­ng others to strengthen theirs. A whirlwind is coming and only those with a sure foundation will hold true. After the whirlwind, the Second Coming will commence. That was the impression that was made in my mind. I honestly feel that it will begin within the next 10 years. But of course I don't know. The take home message is now is the time for men to prepare to meet God.
I was informed that my MTC companion, Elder Leska, was sent home one week after we arrived in Costa Rica. He will be fine. It's not serious.
I was also informed that the reason Elder Gomez is the way he is, is because his father was shot right next to him when he was a kid. His brother was killed one week before he came into the MTC.
You never know someone else's story.
I'm unfortunately frustrated because I want to be a phenomenal missionary. But I'm falling short of my expectations. I want to be perfect right now because I want to help this people find the peace and happiness that I have found. Most, simply choose not to listen. Others simply can't understand me. I'm not the perfect missionary. But I'm having a hard time feeling like I'm doing anything right. I understand that I need to stop focusing on myself and need to be more grateful for the things I do have. I love it here. I'm growing fast and the eyes of my learning and understanding have opened. I'm becoming more here. Heavenly Father wants me to grow so He is sending me these challenges. I love Him and I know He lives. Jesus is the Living Christ and those that come unto Him shall receive their rest. The Holy Ghost is becoming my greatest friend because He comforts me when I need a friend that can't be here in Costa Rica. I love you all and I love receiving your letters. Corbin, D&C 45:62.

Siga Adelante,
Elder Neider
PS I did not get the chance to send the SD card last week. Sorry :(

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