Friday, August 1, 2014

Canas, Guanacaste, Costa Rica 7.28.14

So, it's raining really hard right now. We were drenched in about 2 seconds. With a flash of lighting that hit what felt like only 50 meters around the corner. That was super loud! I love lighting. It's how I got my super powers...
My new companions name is Elder Rivera. He's from Honduras. While I was waiting for an interview with President Wilkinson, Elder Rivera and I played the piano and sang. After my interview I walked out and President said, "Elder, meet your new companion" We hit it right off before even being companions. We got right to work and found 12 new investigators in the first day. He just got done with surgery on his knee so he has been using my knee brace. He is super cool and he taught himself English, Chinese, and Portugese. He has a girlfriend who is currently serving in Paraguay. They are planning on getting married June of next year. He's a hard worker and super funny. 
Because we serve in a Branch, its a lot more simple in design than a Ward. They only have a Presidency for the Branch, and Presidents of the Relief Society and Elders. Interesting. There's a lot to do here. 
This week, I did a lot of studying about the Atonement. It truly is universal, infinite, and ready for everyone. One of the Elders that I met in the office, Elder Pugh, told me a little about what he had learned. In the story of Nephi, his brothers tied him up right. What did Nephi pray for? The strength to be able to break the bands. The Lord does not take our burdens from us. But gives us the strength to endure them so that we may learn and grow. (Read Elder Bednars talk about "The Load" from this last conference. Brillant) 
It's been both a really great week and a very trying week for me. I come a lot closer to Our Heavenly Father. He's begging us to come to him. But, he also respects our agency. "I the Lord God will force no man to Heaven" Its sad to me how far people will go to not come and partake of the blessings of the Gospel. Satan truly has done a good job at making, "the good evil, and the evil good" 
The other thing that I learned is that anyone can fall into apostasy if we aren't strengthening our testimonies. Or more importantly our conversion. I read about King David in the Bible this week and im amazed and what i found. He spent his whole life doing good, being a servant of the Lord. But because he looked upon the woman Bathseba and the actions that came from it, he has lost all possibility of exaltation. (D&C 132:19) Keep your covenants, keep the commandments, and keep moving forward. The word for "to keep" in spanish means "Guardar" which looks a lot like the word guard. Im not simply saying do the good things in the gospel. But guard them. Defend them. Defend your covenants, defend the commandments, (there are no excuses for breaking them) defend them enough to keep moving forward. (Siga Adelante) 
If you have broken your covenants or the commandments, I direct you back to my earlier statement. The Atonement truly is universal, infinite, and ready for everyone. Repent, change, and keep moving forward. If you have fallen, take the saving, redeeming hand of the Savior. Now is the time. Dont procrastinate the day of your repentance. From what I hear going on in Israel, we don't have much time. 
I love you all, I'd appreciate more letters from people.

Siga Adelante,
-Elder Neider

PS.  I withdrew some money to buy stuff from my camera. It's a little frustrating. Oh well. Love ya Mom and Dad.

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