Saturday, March 7, 2015

Puerto Viejo, Heredia, Costa Rica 3.3.15

Dear Family,

This week we have seen many miracles. We have  an investigator named Octavio who is progressing incredibly well. This last sunday he began coming to church with a white shirt without  anyone saying anything to him. He was laughing and smiling as a ward member tied his tie for him. 
He truly is being changed by the Atonement. Yesterday, his little niece was brushing his long hair. I said, "Como esta muñico?" (How are you barbie doll?) And he began to laugh. He hinted that he had scissors in his hand and I asked what they were for. He said,"I want to walk around in the church completely clean before the Lord. It just something that I feel I should do. Later we passed by again and he shaved his head so that all was left was a short missionary haircut. He is preparing to be baptized the 14th of March.
I've been here in Sarapiqui for almost 6 months haha almost half my mission that I have lived so far. I love this area so very much. Transfers are coming in 2 weeks. Last transfer everyone began saying goodbye. Well I stuck around for another 6 weeks. Haha this time it looks like I really might be on my way out :'( 
Tonight we will be heading to San Jose to listen to  Elder Alonzo of the Seventy tomorrow. He is incredible. Unfortunately this means missing two days in our area. Oh well, its a Seventy! 
I'm super lucky to have such a great family that will be together forever. I love you all! 

Sigamos Adelante,

-Elder Neider

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