Monday, March 23, 2015

Perez Zeledon, Cartago, Costa Rica 3.23.15

Dear Family,

SO last Friday we had the opportunity to have Elder Richard J Maines of the Presidency of the Seventy and Elder Duncan come to Costa Rica to see what we have been doing to have so much success. it was a very great conference and I learned a ton. Shortly thereafter, I was transferred. I have left my little Group/Branch to go back home to good old Cartago!!! Different area though, This was the Province where I started as a missionary. It is called Perez Zeledon. 
I am so excited to start working in Perez Zeledon. We have seen miracles already. Last night, my companion and I were walking and we both felt the impression to enter a street. I knew that He had a prepared and chosen waiting for us. We began speaking with some people and we finally got into a lesson. She didn't really seem interested and didn't accept a baptismal date. We left her house and began making our way to the main street again. I began thinking, "why would the Lord give us both an impression to come here, just to get refused?" Knowing Gods character, I knew that we couldn't leave this area without finding who He had prepared. There was absolutely no one in the streets. I remembered about the "Fronteras de la Fe" and said, Lord, we are going to find them. So we began knocking doors and speaking with whatever we saw move. After 10-11 houses, we still didn't meet the success that I knew the Lord prepared for us. We saw a little kid playing in the street and we asked were his mom was. She came out and invited us in cheerfully. As I stepped through the door, a man passing by spoke to my companion and expressed his desire to have us come to his house after we were done. We said of course and began teaching the new family. They had visited the church about 10 years ago but she didn't understand exactly what was taught. She asked us to come back and she is currently reading and praying about the Restoration. After that we found the man passing by and he told us that he wanted us to help him return to Heavenly Fathers presence. He is worried about dying and would like to become clean before he goes. He has about 58 years and is in great health. But these where the two great people that we found. I feel like both with progress very quickly as they read. 
I have been assigned to be the District Leader here. I will be the leader over two companionships including my own. I know that the Lord has great plans for this area. We are close to turning it into a Ward. We are trying to raise the assistance just a little more and then we will have it. Branch converting into a Ward. Wow. I cant wait. 
I am opening an old area up so we started out with absolutely nothing. But the Lord is preparing the way. I can feel that the Lord will work great miracles though us. I already love this area and I want to give it my all. I love you all very much. 

1) Yes I received the package. It was scrum-tril-asent
2a) The volcano did affect us. I died. 
2b) Actually, it didn't affect me at all. But i heard that the missionaries there had to wear masks. They couldn't find any cuz they were all sold out. They have sore throats.
4) Right now I should be in the East Mission. I don't know for sure which though. Transfers are always unpredictable. I probably wont know until the split in June or July. 
5)The other president is from Honduras. I cant recall his name right now. 
6) Do you know how much I love you?  Are we talking a numerical value or like showing with the distance between hands, "I love you THIS much"? Cuz if we are talking numerical value, there are many unspecified variables that we have to consider to calculate before making an honest hypothesis as to the love of a mother to her sarcastic son serving a mission. And if we are talking about in hand motions, well I just don't think my wingspan does your love justice :P
7) If you called me a moron while reading this, you're welcome ;)

I love you all
-Elder Neider

PS President has changed our writing day back to Monday with P-Day

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