Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Perez Zeledon, Cartago, Costa Rica 7.5.15

Dear Family,

Well the 4th of July wasn't as fireworky as usual but oh well :P 
This week has been a little long. The normal finding a lot and then leaving us. It's very interesting. People actually believe that we worship Joseph Smith. It drives me bonkers because then they don't even let us explain what we actually believe. It's a little frustrating. But then I learned that that is where testimony is hidden. Those that can hear, Let them hear. 
This last week I had two cool experiences. The first was with a family who are actually keeping the commitments. The Spirit in the room was incredible as they spoke of the love that has entered their lives. Hermana Patricia actually received a compliment from a nonmember friend. "Patri, what's happened with you? You just seem to be glowing and happy all of a sudden. What have you been up to?" It's experiences like that that make it all worth serving. What I would give to find more families like this and to feel that kind of love. For those that are preparing to serve, man, you're in for something incredible that can only be experienced and not explained. 
The second cool experience was that of waiting for our lunch. This little girl named Fernanda came into the room and began to sing and dance. I have recently been studying a lot about the Plan of Salvation. I know that little children are saved in Christ, so they dont need baptism until the age of accountability. So I tried to picture her spirit and I knew that I was in the presence of a celestial being clothed only in a tiny "tabernacle of clay". It was a beautiful experience and I eventually began to cry because I was so touched to feel that honor of seeing her. It's like that with every child.
I don't have much more to report on. Only that this week I also learned of the 3 kingdoms of glory and who goes where. We need to work harder to help Grandpa and Cami to be baptized and make these important covenants IN THIS LIFE. This is their opportunity. The Spirit World temple work is for those that did not receive an opportunity in this life. We must work with more earnestness. We can ask our Heavenly Father more fervantly and petition Him what is our role to help out. I love you all and I know we shall all be together forever. Stay strong and stick to the Lord :)

Sigamos Adelante,

-Elder Neider

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