Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Perez Zeledon, Cartago, Costa Rica 7.12.15

Dear Family, 

"Hey Elder, have you seen my nice blue dress pants?" "No" "Maybe Elena is washing them" Later that day.... "Hey Hermana Elena, have you seen my nice dress pants?" "No Eldersito. Try checking your apartment one more time" "ok" even later that day.... "There they are" (Elder Neider senses that there is something wrong with the pants so he puts them up to legs to see what's up) "Elder Espinosa, why do my nice blue dress pants only come up to my kneecaps?" (The fear of God enters the face of Elder Espinosa) "Oh..... those were YOUR pants? Oh.... I'm sorry. I had Elena fit them to my size" (Elder Neider stares at pants, then to his companion, then back to pants) "................................................................................................" 
Well I'm down to 3 pants for the rest of my mission. 2 pairs of grey pants and one tiny blue that has been shrunk in the wash after so many uses. Hahahaha he took my pants hahahahaha and got them fitted hahaha im going to kill him hahahaha just kidding hahahaha he is already dead hahaha
Nombres. There are just some things that happen in the mission that you never expected to experience. Oh well. haha 
It's been very interesting to me, the lengths that investigators go to, to stop receiving us. The other day we lost a family of 3 because I showed a lack of respect. The wife didn't want to talk to us so she left to go into the other room. We taught her son and husband the Restoration again. Upon leaving, I wanted to just say hi to the mom. So i popped my head into the room to say it. I watched her as she was climbing out of the closet to hide from us. She kept her face into the wall as a way to "conceal" herself better. Obviously she didn't want to say anything so we left. We came back two days later and the husband left all angry that I had popped my head in. He said it was very disrespectful and that I real servant of the Lord would never do that. So he told us we weren't welcome there anymore. I apologized but he still insisted that we leave. 
It was very hard to fight the temptation to not say, "The real disrespect is hiding in a closet to avoiding saying hi to someone who's only purpose is to help you be happy" but I felt the Spirit tell me that in the future they would accept the Gospel and I shouldn't be the reason the next missionaries are rejected. Man, it was just another instance of like what the heck Satan? hahaha
Things are going great though. We have 2 baptisms planned for the 25 of Julio that we have been waiting ages to do. I fear I may have transfers the Monday before though. Whatever the Lord wants though. :) Everything works out in the end. 
I love you all lots and im just trying to do a little bit better everyday. 

Sigamos Adelante, 
-Elder Neider

P.S.  Elder Johnson is my grandpa in the mission. So glad that my mission family is meeting my real family hahaha.

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