Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Cartago, Costa Rica 3.17.14

All is well in Costa Rica. I love the people, the language is coming, and we just started working with the members. This week was a little frustrating I'll admit. On Thursday I didn't understand a single word and I started missing home. I read a talk in my Costa Rica Mission Plan that the President gave us called Lock Your Hearts by Spencer W. Kimball. It talks about, you guessed it, Locking your heart.
It talks a lot about "an eye single to the glory of God". It doesn't directly say that but thats the take home message I received. I was focusing on other things. Especially the language. I was focusing so much on what I wanted to say or how I was gonna say that the Spirit didn't have room to give me what to say. After reading that talk I simply just had to "open my mouth and it was filled".
Distractions such as thinking of home, people, plans or what life will be like when I get back, and even the language were preventing me from moving the work forward. But once I decided to lock my heart, everything started falling into place.
Today we were suppose to go hike a volcano, but instead we went and dropped off a package in San Jose for Elder Gomez. Oh well.
Elder Gomez is from Honduras and Elder Estrada is from Guatemala.
I'm still figuring out how mailing works so I won't be sending an SD card home for a little bit until I know for sure.
Happy St. Patricks Day! They don't celebrate it here.
There is no such thing as modesty here. The other day we were teaching a less-active member named Jessica and let's just say her shirt keep falling off. So I stared looking at the floor and she got upset at me for not looking at her when shes talking to her and vice versa. I played the Gringo card and simply said "No entiendo" (I don't understand) and continued looking at the ground.
So it also turns out that the bites aren't really bites. I think. Ayelcia said it had to do with the heat and gave me an ointment for it. Not helping. So whatever it is its only on my arms and hands. Oh well.
My favorite thing is handing out copies of the Book Of Mormon. (BTW thats the correct way to pluralize The Book of Mormon. Not Books of Mormon or Book of Mormons.Its copies of The Book Of Mormon).
The last two days have been Stake Conference. The Hastening of the Work program just got here. Super exciting. On Sunday we watched a telecast from Salt Lake to the Central American Stakes of Zion. James B. Martino, Bonnie Something in the Young Women's General Presidency, Richard G Scott and Dallin H Oaks spoke. Elder Scott and Elder Martino actually can speak Spanish so they did. But Elder Oaks and Bonnie were voiced over. Anything else interesting happen? Got attacked by our Land Lords dog Lula. The lights weren't on so she didn't recognize us. My calf kills.
The only I need sent is if Dad could send me an email of our Line of Authority. It actually comes up more than iI thought it would.
Also, send Sydney Edwards a message on Facebook saying she promised she would write. Best friend indeed.
Anyways that all for this week I guess. Love you all.
Siga Adelante,

Elder Neider

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