Monday, June 23, 2014

Cartago Costa Rica 6.23.14

Dear Family and Friends,

I got mugged for the first time this week!! We were on Divisions in my area of Cartago walking around after a pretty great lesson with a none active. I was with Elder Gomez, one of the Zone Leaders, and we were walking to our next appointment. Elder Gomez and I were talking about how great it went and things we could work on. We heard people running behind us and we turned around with only like five feet in between us. They both had on hoodies and bandanas to cover their faces and they sound to calm down and just give them our telephone and our money. I surprisingly understood everything and reacted calmly. Elder Gomez was telling them to take it easy and the one that was coming toward me pulled a kitchen knife. We gave them what they asked for and they ran off. It took probably 30 seconds and was crazy intense. We returned to our house and called the Mission President using the landlords phone. All is well. Elder Gomez said that he had felt an impression that something was wrong earlier but he didn't act on the prompting. I had walked down that road 100 times so if I did receive a prompting I probably shrugged it off too. Always be listening for the Spirit. He knows more.
So I bought a camera, and it sucks. Its low quality and is basically a piece of junk. All the other cameras were about $400 US currency. I bought one that was about $100. If we want good pictures it's better if you guys buy one and send it. The only upside to this camera is the photos are formatted that I can send a lot through the email. So look at the photos and if you like the quality then I can keep using this one. Anyways there's the deal with that.
Lately I've been really frustrated. I feel like no one listens to me. Members, investigators and especially my companion think that I either don't know what I'm talking about because I'm Gringo or simply talk over me. They don't listen to the advice I give. It's especially frustrating when I testify to people about how the Gospel can bless their lives. They say they want those blessings but they don't want to work for them or do their part. Elder Johnson says you'll come to find the Ticos are some of the laziest people on Earth.
In other news, Costa Rica won again in the World Cup which means they are advancing to the next round. I Elite 8 or the Octavos A Final. England lost again so they are out. Hahahaha Alejandro. And the United States tied against Portugal so they might advance as well.
The funny thing is that we don't watch the games but you can hear the echo of whats going on because each house is watching the same thing with their windows open. Hahaha the things I don't understand my companion explains. I love Futbol now.
The work is going great. I'm learning the language very well. I can now understand about 90% of whats being said and can voice what I want. The Gift of Tongues and of The Interpretation of Tongues is real.
Everyone thinks I have changes this change which is on the 6th of Julio. I feel that I'm ready for a change but at the same time I don't want to. This is where my heart is. This is what I know of missionary work. This has been my mission so far.
I gave Hermana Guevara a blessing because she was feeling sick. She asked for me to do it. We butt heads a lot. It was a great opportunity to develop charity. Shes been struggling a lot and has voiced many times to President about going home early. This last week she decided to stick it out and finish honorably. Then she got sick and I could see in her eyes that she was thinking of home again. In the blessing I felt prompted to give her a voice of warning that Satan doesn't want her to finish. She began to cry and the I know that the blessing was inspired. It's cool being the Lord's instrument.
Anyways I don't have much that I have to share that I can think of. I love you all and I'm doing my best for you. Please continue writing and never forget who you are or what you stand for.

Siga Adelante,
Elder Neider

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