Monday, June 30, 2014

Cartago Costa Rica 6.30.14

Hahaha I knew that you'd like the mugging story.
Anyways, this has been a difficult week for me. I've felt very down on my efforts as a missionary and as a person in general. But I love the scripture in Ether that talks about how the Lord gives us weakness so that we will be humble. I understand that this is an opportunity to grow and to come closer in line with God's will and not mine. Its a painful process but its definitely worth it.
Costa Rica won again in the World Cup so they will be advancing in the next round. Its crazy how passionate people get about sports. It actually helps us find people who are ready to hear the gospel. Anyone that isn't drunk! Whoo hoo.
So I'm still here in Cartago but next week is transfer day so we will see what happens. About Hermana Jenkinson, I don't personally know her but the other missionaries do and say she is wonderful.
I dont really have many stories to tell right now. A lot of my spiritual experiences I've been having, are just when I'm praying on my own.
One of our investigators, Gregory, came to church the other day. He was in a car accident and so he understands like a child now. He came and during the sacrament, he got bored and started trying to fix the window that wasn't broken. Haha. He loves the Gospel and has already read the entire Book of Mormon. He wants for his Mom to be baptized as well. Hes a really good guy.
This is both the most fun and most depressing time of my life. On one hand im helping families become eternal. On the other, theres a lot of people who simply choose not to listen or follow Christ. It's hard to not think it's your fault they don't want to listen. But in reality, it's their  agency that is preventing them. There's nothing more I can do. Just invite the best I can. It's hard watching people make bad decisions like that. But its all right.

I love you all lots,
Siga Adelante,
Elder Neider 

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