Monday, October 13, 2014

Puerto Viejo, Heredia, Costa Rica 10.13.14

(Family:  This was difficult to read, but it was priceless so I left it)


So this keyboarde is brokden so you're going to see a lot of typos. 
This week I had my first baptism in a rivder! So cool. I was scarded for a timde that a snakde or a crocodile was going to come. It was a gredat succdess this wdeek. I love this new areda. It's a littled diferrent herde bdecausde it a group. Asistancde in thde cahpdel was only 32 pedoplde. Thed members ared gredat. We havde bdeden having gredat success and im learning a ton. 
We hade a redally cool ldesson about thed Atonement last night. There is a video callede Because Ofd Him. its incrdedeibly powerful and then we bored our tdestimonieds. It was a cool dexpderidence. Somdetimdes wde havde lessons that the spirit is prdesdent. But thden theird ared othder ldessons whden its not redtraindede dan ddddddddddevderyonde is truly edeifiede.
This letter is probably increddeibly difficult to redad. sorry.

Siga Adeelante, 
Eldeer Ndeideer

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