Saturday, October 11, 2014

Puerto Viejo, Heredia, Costa Rica 10.6.14

Dear Family,

I received the package from Grandma Margo with all the little notes from the last Neider reunion. Thank you for sending that. I felt very happy to receive it. Sent mail is easily one of the best things in the mission field. Just ask any missionary. So I haven't had the opportunity to be in my new area much. I had about 2 days in it this last week. I was in Guapiles on Divisions while investigators were being interviewed for baptism in my area. I still don't know my area very well and I found that all the members live far and spread out. We a a part of a Group of about 35-45 active members. They are an attachment of a Ward of 160 actives. Once there are enough people here in Puerto Viejo, maybe they will put a chapel here. I'm still trying to feel out what the Lord wants us to do here. 
I loved conference. The speakers in their native languages was very cool. Especially cuz 2 of the speakers where Spanish! Hoo-rah. Richard G Scott speaks his talks before hand in Spanish so Latin America can actually hear his voice and not a voice over. It was a good conference. I needed the recharge from it. I was good to see the things I can improve on. 
In the photos you can see that in Puerto Viejo we baptize in the river! Oh cool. Even cooler is that their is the precaution that we need to find river that are clear. They have problems with crocodiles here. The water needs to be clear for us to see them easier. I made the joke, "At least we will know for sure or not if she's worthy." " Why Elder?" "Because if she isn't that croc is gonna eat her Buford" (deep southern accent) 
I think I'm funny. Whatever. That's the update for this week. I hope that everything is good. I love hearing what's going on.

Siga Adelante,
Elder Neider

PS Corbin: Did you see Blaine Johnson in the MTC choir during the Priesthood Session?

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