Monday, October 20, 2014

Puerto Viejo, Heredia, Costa Rica 10.20.14

Dear Family,

First off that Wreath of Birds is disgusting. Good work Mom. Thats cool that Dad got that calling. My only advice for helping people prepare is helping them to understand the Atonement. I don't know if it is a public video, but there is a video by Henry B Eyring and Jeffrey R Holland called "The Atonement and Missionary Work". It's incredible. Also "Because of Him".
Well, same old same old here in Costa Rica. We've been having a lot of success lately. We found 17 new investigators this week. I feel that I'm really good at getting in the door. I've been learning a lot this last week about the Atonement. I'm close to finishing Jesus the Christ for my second time in the mission. It is a wonderful book. Full of great doctrine and its all about the Savior. I have always thought that it would take forever to finish. Nope. 
I've also started reading the Old Testament for the first time. It's very interesting. I'm about to hit Leviticus. It's really interesting. I asked my Mission President about some funny stuff I had found. Like Noah was a drunk in Genesis and how it says the Lord repented. His answer, "Elder we believe the Bible to be the word of God as far as it is translated correctly" Thanks President.
So in Puerto Viejo, things are going great. We should have about 5-7 baptisms already. But..... they all need to get married. There is a law here called Union Libre. Basically if an unmarried couple lives together for about 3 years, they receive all of the right and privileges of a married couple. They don't understand the importance of marriage. But through that challenge, we get the opportunity to bare testimony of eternal marriage. We are finishing up some paper work to help those families become eternal. If we can do all of that, this means I'll be able to come back in a year to 3 temple sealings. I really want to watch those families do it :)
Health has been good, companion has been good, food, weather, and lessons have all been good. 
I've been saving 4 of my white shirts and 2 pairs of garments for when I hit 1 year, I can have pure white new clothes. I've been thinking a lot about Elder Holland and that one Seventy who spoke of caring for the poor. Their are 2 recent converts who received the Aaronic Priesthood, but don't have shirts, slacks, or ties. I thought a lot about those talks a I felt the desire to give them 2 of my shirts. I felt really good that service. To me, they were just shirts. To them they were just shirts. But to their mom and wife, she had a spirit of gratitude. (She's awesome. the Elders before taught about marriage and she said,"Ricardo, marry me or I'm leaving you. I will be baptized") She's cool. I felt a pretty good. It was a good spiritual experience. 
Anyways that is what happened this last week. We just keep moving forward. Love you guys.

-Elder Neider

PS For Christmas, President Wilkenson said that we will watch "Meet the Mormons" together as a mission. Super cool. Can't wait.

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