Monday, November 10, 2014

Puerto Viejo, Heredia, Costa Rica 11.10.14

Dear Family,
So I know I gotta catch up from last week. Really quick, the photos are of my district from the last transfer. The pictures of the sky if you cant see them, and the birds that came. Our Halloween costumes. And birthday food.
Ok, so this past week was Halloween. Elder Hernandez and I dressed up as each other, (switched tags for the day) Pretty creative if you ask me. What more could we have done? Later that day we were teaching a woman named Anna. I looked up into the sky to find that that the birds had begun their migrating season. I thought this was especially funny because this year Mom decorated the house like the movie "Birds" and here I was in Costa Rica actually in the movie! Elder Hernandez didnt make to the end.... I really enjoyed your costumes this year.  
For I received my birthday package the Monday after. It was awesome. Those ties are incredible! Good finds. The last picture their was my birthday dinner. Chopped bananas with strawberry jam. Nothing beats a good missionary birthday. 
Things are going great here. We have a man named Narciso that now has 3 times in the church. We taught him the Word of Wisdom with his devote Evangelist wife Tomasa. They both accepted to live it. They both fell in love with the Book of Mormon. Narciso will be baptized the 22 of this month. Tomasa refuses to come to church, but cant put the Book of Mormon down. Oh well. Shell come eventually. But we taught the Word of Wisdom and we invited them to live it. Now we are two missionaries with two packets of coffee. We don't know how to destroy them still.
We've had many miracles and we are just moving forward. I love this area and its beginning to progress. I love you all. 
Talk to you next week, 

-Elder Neider
PS Happy Birthday again Ma

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