Monday, November 10, 2014

Letter from Sister Petersen about our Elder Neider 11-10-14

Hello Sister Neider,

My name is Hermana Petersen. I'm a Senior Sister. My husband (the tall one in 1 of the foto) are P.E.F./Self-Reliance Missionaries from South Weber, Utah. Elder Neider tells us he reigns from Pleasant Grove. We actually lived there for a short time about 25 years ago. We live now in San Jose, but travel all of Costa Rica, speaking in Sacrament Meetings & Elder Petersen teaches the Y.S.A. &/or entire adult Sunday School Class about the P.E. Fund & Self-Reliance when we're in any given ward, branch or group. I double as a helper to the young mission nurse, as I'm a retired R.N. I field the phone calls from the North Americans, so if Elder Neider needs to talk to a medical person, he calls me. You'll be happy to know, I've not heard from him.

Last Sunday, we were in Puerta Viejo & got to see your sweet son. He & his companion, Elder Hernandez were scurrying about in this first foto, before sacrament meeting started. They pretty much ran the show, but waited patiently for the group leaders to conduct the meeting. He ran the CD player for the hymns, while his companion led the music. After that, they taught another Sunday School Class. I asked him how the work was going & he said they'd "found" almost 20 people the previous week (the number was in the teens anyway). He was happy beyond belief. I wanted you to know that! OH, & he attended his first Relief Society class, as he interpreted for me. Also, he said he was thrilled to talk to us in English, because he hadn't spoken it for a month.

The 2nd foto is of the Priesthood brethren preparing for the Sacrament. We're so spoiled in Utah are we not? I couldn't resist taking this 3rd foto, the holder for their tithing slips.

He's doing a great work Sister Jeanine!! Thanks so much for your sacrifice in supporting him on his mission!!

Most Warmly, Hermana Petersen

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