Sunday, October 18, 2015

Turriabla, Cartago, Costa Rica 10.13.15

Dear Family,

Sorry that I couldn't write yesterday. We ran down to San Jose for awhile to play soccer and by the time we got home to write, P-Day had ended. So we got permission to write today.
Yesterday we had a pretty cool experience. We have a young man named Pablo. He is a drug addict. So we took him up to a rehabilitation center because he really wants to change. We sat in on a AA meeting. I can't remember the correct name in English! haha I can only spell it in Spanish. Weird right? Alcoholicos Anonimos. It went well but we found that they wont take him in because he needs a certain medication to sleep. To quit the crack, cigars, and alcohol but keep the medication going wouldn't bring results so they refuse to take him. oh well. Eventually we got kicked out because he tried giving some cigars to the people in the facility. oops...
I got my temple recommend renewed yesterday as well so I'll be headed to the temple with Patricia and Juan Jose this October 31st to have them sealed together! I'm so pumped for that. It'll be a great week. Skype on Moms B-Day, Baptism on the 30th, Sealing on the 31st, Birthday on the 1st and our mom in the area is having her birthday on the 2nd. As the late great Maria Antoinette once said, "Let them eat cake".
Poor girl doesn't have a head now... shucks that's rough.
Things are going great here. We well have baptized 3 people this month so I'm feeling great. We are preparing for November now.
Yesterday as well was transfers. My companion, Elder Godoy, will be staying here with me for another change. He will at the very least stay here in Turrialba for 9 months. This is his first area. hahaha. It's possible that he'll be my last companion. If not, my last companion will only be with me for 2-3 weeks. haha it's coming to a close pretty quick.
Anyways I love you lots and I hope that everything is great.

Sigamos Adelante,
-Elder Neider

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