Sunday, October 11, 2015

Turriabla, Cartago, Costa Rica 10.5.15

Dear Family,

This week was pretty great with the temple and conference. Haha I know that none of my predictions were right but oh well. haha. I have always really liked Elder Rasband. His talks always are about a verse that I've read thousands of times but he teaches it on a whole new level. Elder Renlund gave a talk last conference in Abril about a Saint is a sinner who keeps trying. And Elder Stevenson, I recognized his face but I didn't know anything about him. I could feel the Spirit strongly during their testimonies. I know they are called of God to help all of us. 
This conference the major themes I could gather were: The Sabbath Day, being an example, and searching for testimony in the basic principles of the gospel. I really enjoyed this conference because I could feel the global need for change. I felt that it was a true warning voice and man did they promise blessings for us all. I felt their council was direct and easy to apply. 
The temple was amazing. We all left feeling the spirit of consecration. Our mission president, after the session, pulled us all in to the chapel across the street to speak to us for a second. He spoke of consecration and what kind of blessings it could bring us. I can definately sense a difference between President Hayes and President Wilkenson. Both incredible. President Wilkenson really wanted to push us to do our best. President Hayes feels like he is on a higher plane spiritually than us and is beckoning us to come on up. I love these two men. 
This week we had a cool baptism. Camila. Her father, who was baptized as of 4 months, performed the ordinance. We will baptize another youth named Leiner this coming weekend and both will be confirmed on Sunday. The work is doing pretty well. 
That's about all that happened this week. Thanks for all your support! Love you all,

Sigamos Adelante, 

-Elder Neider

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