Monday, October 19, 2015

Turriabla, Cartago, Costa Rica 10.19.15

Dear Family,

This week has been kinda crazy. It was the week of changes. We went to San Jose to play soccer as a misión and it began to rain. But it was pretty great. I don't play so great right now because I had an ingrown toenail.
Which reminds me... haha this week I got my toenail taken out. haha it was getting worse and worse and then a fungus got into it. So we talked to a member here in Turrialba to check it out. She told me that the only thing to do was to get the whole nail removed. So we did. We went to the hospital in San Jose and we had a little surgery. Stay tuned for photos.
We haven't been able to work too much because the doctor told me I had to take a day of rest. So my companion went on divisions and I stayed in a members house. Good heavens how boring that was. No TV, no video games, nothing to read, etc. I am so glad that I can walk now because sitting on the couch all day is just plain dumb. I realized that I am an outdoor person and I love to work. Man that was so lame.
Cool decorations. We probably wont be able to decorate much here. The Ticos think its a satanic holiday. oh well.
Love you all lots. Thanks for the video of Oliver. Cute kid. I think he gets it from Corbin.

Sigamos Adelante,
-Elder Neider

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