Sunday, November 8, 2015

Turriabla, Cartago, Costa Rica 10.26.15

Dear Family, 

This week has been pretty good in Turrialba. I have been having a blast with my companion Elder Godoy. We are getting along very well with the members. Man, we love them as if they were our own brothers. We know that they would do whatever for us and they know that they would do anything for us. We have been going on a bunch of divisions lately. It been pretty funny. In this area I'm in divisions more than I do visits with my comp. haha but it's all good. 
This week we had a couple of difficulties finding quality investigators. There is a place here called La Rocha or in other words its short for Cacroaches. Its a little group of houses for coffee harvesters. The thing is there is that if the harvest isn't yielding much, these families pack up and leave within hours. Basically they are nomads. A lot of them were incredibly receptive but had to turn us down with accepting baptismal dates because they didn't know if tomorrow they had to move or something. A little sad but I know that Heavenly Father has a plan for them to receive the gospel fully. This week is going to be SAWEET! Monday: P Day, Tuesday through Thursday: Divisions in San Diego, Thursday: Mom B Day and Skyping with the family. Friday: Returning to my area to do divisions with the Bishop. Saturday Morning: Sealing Ordinance with my Converts. It's gonna be a very fulfilling week. 
I am going to send the photos in a separate email so stay tuned. 
I love you all and I'll definitely put G and G in the temple roll. 

Sigamos Adelante, 
Elder Neider

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