Saturday, November 14, 2015

Turriabla, Cartago, Costa Rica 11.10.15

Dear Family, 

Yesterday we got back late and didn't have the opportunity to write. So I am replying right now :)
Good to hear that Honda is doing great. He is still a goofball. We write every so often. We will see how things all work when we are all back home. 
I put Grandma and Grandpas names on the prayer roll. Hope that all is well. 
So some good news is that on the 5th of December we will be going to the temple to seal another family of my converts. haha I love going to the temple.
This week has been a little strange. We haven't been able to be in our area for a while. We went and got my green card renewed, had zone conference with President, went for divisions, and a bunch of other stuff. 
We had a funny experience though. We had a member tell us that he made an appointment to speak in a local Evangelist congregation. The thing is that the Pastor does studies of other churches and teaches his group about them. So this member said lets go. We asked our President for permission. He said it was ok as long as we only testified. So we went. 
Apparently the member didn't make an official appointment so obviously the Pastor felt like we were intruding. We walked into a little building that was pitch black and all you could hear was angry shouting about the Holy Ghost, power of God. When he noticied that we were there, he told his wife to continue with their service as he went to speak with us. We walked out into the hallway and without us saying a single word, he began to speak I'll of the church and of Joseph Smith. He yelled at us that the heavens were sealed and that God doesn't speak anymore because He left us with the Bible and that is all we need. 
I asked him why he thought that the heavens were sealed and if he knew of a verse that said that there would be no more revelation. He leaned in close and said, When Christ was on the cross, one of his last words were, It is finished. SO there you have it Elder Nayder, the Lord himself said that there would be no more. No man can claim to have written more scriptures after this moment. 
I simply said, that is a great answer hermano. Except for the fact that the Lord revealed the Books of The Acts, Galatians, Ephesian, Colossians, Thessalonians, Romans, Hebrews, Corinthians, 2 books of Peter, 3 books of John, two letters to timothy, letters to Titus,, Philemon, Jude, and the Prophecies of the Apocalypse known as Revelations. He didn't say a word. To which i testified that the Lord does love us and continues to speak to us through living prophets and apostles. And then my companion testified. And then he threw us out. hahahaha
Anyways I hope that everything is going great at home. I love you all lots.

Sigamos Adelante, 

-Elder Neider

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