Sunday, November 8, 2015

Turriabla, Cartago, Costa Rica 11.2.15

Dear Family,

What a wonderful week in the CR. Man, we felt of a bunch of really cool experiences. 
We got to go to the temple on Saturday to seal a family together. I had never been to a sealing ordinance before. It was an incredibly beautiful experience. The temple president did the ordinance. He has been taught a lot by the Spirit in the temple so many great things. 
It was actually a pretty interesting experience leading up to the sealing actually. In the morning, Elder Hatch said our District prayer and asked for a personal miracle for each missionary. It came to pass. My companion was complaining the whole trip that he didnt want to go and wake up early and be there which bothered the pants off of me. When we got there, we learned that there was another Honduraño there to be seal. He was from the same stake as my companion so that was his miracle. One of mine was that all the youth and leaders from my last area came to do baptisms so I got to spend time with those saints as we waited for the endowment session. 
We went into the temple for the endowment session and as we were getting changed, they started the session so we werent able to attend that part of the trip. But we soon learned that their wasn't sufficient temple workers in the temple to assist a family baptize and confirm 56 of their ancestors. If there wasnt two Melchezedek Priesthood holders present they would have had to go home without the work done. I know that Heavenly Father was very present of the needs of those in the temple. After finishing that, we went into the celestial room to just study and pray until the sealing ordinance. It was easily one of the best moments of my life. I feel very filled for all that happened. 
Anyways lots of cool things happened. It was a pretty great birthday as well. Because it was a Sunday and a Fast Sunday at that, we couldn't do too much to celebrate. But it definately went a lot better than last year. haha
Love you guys and I hope that everything keeps moving forward. haha

Sigamos Adelante, 

-Elder Neider

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