Monday, April 13, 2015

Perez Zeledon, Cartago, Costa Rica 4.13.15

Dear Family,

Goodness gracious. Grandma Margo showed me pictures of DJ`s baptism. Oh my goodness. Ashley, Brittany and Caitley are SO stinking old! I was blown away. I couldn't believe my eyes! I grabbed my companion and said,"Like at this dude!" And he said,"Whats the problem?" And I said, "My little cousins aren't little....." DJ looked just about ready to put on a plague and head out to the field. And Emma doesn't have teeth hahaha so cute looking. And the Donevans are rocking the same hairstyle haha.
This week has been pretty normal. We have been receiving a lot of help from some members and now our leaders are going to start coming to do interviews so that we can baptize people. The only problem is that they live 4 hours away. So its a bit of a hassle to get them to come. But we are going to start baptizing so they are going to have to suck it up :P 
I've been working hard in this area. I come home super tired than I ever have. I'm still not perfectly diligent but I can see my own personal progress as a missionary and man. I love my mission with all my heart. It's been pretty good here. There isn't much to report on though. 
One thing that I have learned for myself this last week was that, true, there is a lot of evil in the world. But it doesn't have to be a part of my world. I can focus my life on Jesus Christ and I don't have to participate in the bad things the world has to offer. I know that when we "choose" to live the Gospel, Heavenly Father opens SO many doors of happiness for us. I wrote choose in quote marks because living the Gospel is a choice that we have to make. It doesn't just happen on its own. 
The other thing I learned is that the Gospel and the Church aren't a religion. It's a style of life. It's the Lords way for us to live. He made this way for our joy. He is pretty good at making things. In fact, He is perfect at it. This Gospel is true. But it's your choice if you want to walk it and see where it takes you. The Gospel isn't a Sunday religion. It's an every second of every day religion. I love it
I love you all and I hope that you stay on the path. I want to be together forever with you. I am SO glad to hear that DJ went through the "Door" and is now on that path. 
If you are on the path, keep moving forward and see it through. If you've stepped off the path, find your way back. There is this great big metal pole that you can cling onto that will lead you back to where you need to be. If you haven't gone through the Door to get to the path, I exhort you to prepare to take that step. It's "a more excellent way" to live. 
I love you all. Talk to you next week ;)

Sigamos Adelante,

-Elder Neider

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