Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Perez Zeledon, Cartago, Costa Rica 4.6.15

Dear Family,

The name of my companion is called Elder Mendoza. That's super interesting to hear about the job mom. What would you like to go do? Please send photos of the graduation!
This week has been excellent. We have found some pretty amazing people. We are set to start baptizing here beginning the 18th of April and for the following two weeks. I am very excited and I'd like to share an awesome experience. 
In nightly planning, we felt the need to go into a new part of our area to look for more investigators. We studied it out in our minds and we narrowed it down to 3 different barrios. After selecting the 3, we knelt again in prayer, which of the areas we needed to go to. After the pray, we listened for the Spirit. We both said which area we felt impressed to go to and they werenot the same. I sat wondering, why we had received different revelation. As I sat I felt the impression that the area I selected was not the correct area. So I looked again at the area my companion selected. I felt that maybe if I didnt receive correctly, perhaps my companion did. The following day, we went to that area that we had agreed on. We entered the barrio and my companion asked, "Now where?"
I said "I don't know, maybe this first street" As we began to walk, I felt that once again I was wrong and that we should move on to the next street. I stopped and said, Elder I don't think this is the correct street. He said, ok, then where to we go? 
We moved on to the next street where we looked at each house for inspiration to where to go, each door was closed because everyone was gone for vacation. We kept walking until the end of the street where we found a woman seated in the front yard. We decided to open our mouths and we introduced ourselves. She began speaking and telling us how lonely she has felt. She has 17 brothers and sisters that don't talk to her and her husband just left her 2 months previous with her 3 children. She is retired already with a pension of 45 mil which barely covers the rent. She doesn't have a bed and we have no idea what she does for food. But as she explained all this, we sat still and we listened to what we should say. 
"Ortelina, do you know who we are?" she said no. "Hermana, we are the Lords servants. We felt very specifically that we were supposed to come here today to help you" She said "That's nice" with a chuckle. We decided to show her the Iniciative Gracias A Que El Vive (Because of  Him DVD). We were walking that day with the DVD player in my backpack so all could watch."She said, "But why did the Lord send you to me? I can't read or tell time. I dont know anything."  offered to read the words of the video to her and she accepted. Within seconds, she was balling because of what she saw, heard, and felt. It answered everyone of her concerns. We spoke of a loving and living Redeemer who has once again reached His hand to conformt us. We concluded by saying that through baptism she could receive the Comforter, and that she need not feel so alone. 
I know that this was inspired as was my companion to go to this area. Ortelina is preparing to be baptized the 1st of May and cannot wait for the next General Conference. She was engulfed in the love of the members on Sunday. What a blessing!
I know that Heavenly Father is watching over us. I know He has prepared His children. I know that members are key to retaining and finding.  I know that we will begin baptizing many here in Perez Zeledon. 
I love this work and I am trying my best. Let's keep moving forward

-Elder Neider

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