Sunday, May 24, 2015

Perez Zeledon, Cartago, Costa Rica 5.18.15

Dearest Family,

This week has been a little bit of a let down yet we still had incredible miracles. This will be my 2nd week without investigators in the church on Sunday. Yet I know that the Lord has people prepared. We just gotta go find 'em. Happy Hunting.
This week we had a couple of cool things happen. I have an exciting moment to share. We got off of a bus one night on our way home from working our best. As we began to go up a hill, I saw a man looking at us. I felt for a reason that he was waiting for us, which in the mission rarely happens to us. I stretched out my hand and introduced my companion and I. We began to walk and he told us "I feel that you have something to tell me. Tell me anything" This is the point that we began praying for exactly what he needed to hear. We began teaching of the Restoration and how richly it could bless his life. He began to tell us of some family problems that he is currently passing through right now. We testified of the truthfulness of our message. This is where he told us of his experience. He said that in the bus, he began to pray as to what he should do with his problems. He said at this moment, he looked up and he saw us enter the bus. We sat down on separate parts of the bus and as we continued to travel, he prayed again to ask if this was a coincidence. He said that he then heard a voice tell him,"They will wait for you". So we he got off the bus he began to walk. Out of curiosity to see if we had gotten off the bus, he turned back towards us for just a second or two. As he did, he said he saw my hand and a gringo accent saying, "Hola! Me llamo Elder Neider"
I find it incredibly interesting that Heavenly Father can answer prayers like this. He can put us missionaries exactly where we need to be, exactly when someone is praying for it. The most fantastic part is, is that He does this completely without affecting our moral agency. He truly does guide us as we choose to listen to His still small voice. I would say this was a weird coincidence as this man named Edison did. Except that it has happened to many others like this in this same area. He hears and answers everyone of His child's prayers,

Sigamos Adelante,

-Elder Neider

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