Sunday, May 31, 2015

Perez Zeledon, Cartago, Costa Rica 5.31.15

Dear Family,

Hahaha is Corbin taller than Brendon?!? HOORAH. Looks good for the graduation bud. Congratulations. 
Hey Mom, two things before I forget. How did the audition for Brigadoon go? and Can you send me instructions for French Toast? I'm done with Ramen noodles every morning..... 
This week has been good and bad. It was full of JW's', investigators returning the Book of Mormon without bothering to read it or pray, empty chapels on sunday, and unexpected miracles. I'm sure glad that the Lord has a perfect plan for us all, because my plans and thoughts aren't working out so hot. 
We are trying to clean up the Member Registries to help convert it into a ward. We are making a lot of progress. but at the same time it could be faster. The members are a little slow on the "let every man learn his duty and act diligently in the office wherein he is appointed" thing. But I'm not perfect in my calling either. Oh well.
We have found many cool families that seem super ready to receive the gospel but they are taking their time with the commitments. I am certain that if a person would read the Book of Mormon and pray, there is no power on Earth or in Heaven or Hell, that would stop them from being baptized. Those that actually do them, baptize. Even if they say they've done it and/or have received an answer, and they don't come to church or be baptized, I know that they actually havent done these things. It's really funny their reactions when you call them out on it. They give you this,"Is he reading my mind and heart?" look. "Yes I know it's true" "How do you know?" "It speaks of God" "Wonderful. But did you ask God if its true?" "Um... no" "Yeah we know" hahaha They are funny sometimes. But other times, it's just plain frustrating. haha what is SO hard about, read the book and ask your dad if it's true? oh well. We keep moving forward. 

-Elder Neider

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