Monday, May 11, 2015

"The Forks in the Road" 5.11.15

The Forks in the Road 
by Elder Neider

My mind is often called to ponder and think
Of the life that I want to pursue.
I think of the choices, the forks in the road 
And realize I don't have a clue

On the one hand, there's a path made of gold 
Lined with cars of an exotic style.
There are stadiums and pools filled with people of fame
Inviting to stay for awhile

The people all walk with the greatest and latest
Of clothes, entertainment, and more
Surely this path is the one I should take
All of these blessings could I possibly ignore?

I glanced toward the other path at this fork in the road
Just to see where this way would go
It was a rocky dirt road full of holes and uneven
And to where it led was easy to know

There was a pole that lined this straight and narrow path
To help travelers like me on there way
That lead to a tree of pure white like the snow
And it shone as the sun at midday

I continued to ponder the path of my feet
And which was the way I should take
I thought and I prayed as hard as i could
Who would want to make a mistake?

I felt drawn to the path that I saw on the right
Something was pulling and urging
I took hold of that rod with all of my might
And now I could feel this warm surging

I continued on this path which lead to the tree
Steady and slowly I moved
But I heard many voices of laughter and mocking
I was pointed at, scorned, and booed

I don't know why, out of all you could do,
that was found on the other path
The activity of choice of all who were there
was insulting me to make others laugh

The road was hard, I had to keep going
Don't know why I wanted so bad
To get to the tree of Heavenly light
Under which I think I saw my Dad

I looked and I strained to see who else was there
Enjoying in the rays of this tree
My mother, my brothers, my sister, and cousins
I knew this is where I should be

The closer I got to fulfilling my goal 
The harder the path seemed to become
But there was always something urging me forward
And I knew exactly where it came from 

The Savior Himself walked this path long before
as rocky and thorny the way
He asks us to follow and hold to the rod
To always kneel down and to pray

May we continue to keep moving forward
and carry our individual load
But remember to listen to the voice of the Spirit 
when we come to those forks in the road

Sigamos Adelante,

-Elder Neider

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