Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Perez Zeledon, Cartago, Costa Rica 8.17.15

Dear Family, 
Well this week has been a different kind of a week. We went on divisions with my Zone Leader Elder Parker. We had a great time and we worked hard. During that time, I could see that the Lord has been preparing some more people in this area. I'm really excited to see what happens as we move forward. 
I have begun to understand my companions humor lately and now I'm constantly chuckling. Man this kid is stinking funny. I realized that he wasn't the problem but that I was. So I said a prayer and I decided to look for the divine within him. Now we get along very well and we are enjoying the work. We still aren't having too much success with baptisms or investigators coming to church, but we have been able to find happiness in magnifying our callings. 
There is a man here named Alberto Navas. He is the Costa Rican version of Uncle Donnie. This is the guy in the ward that you can tell he gives his whole heart to be serving the people in his ward without demanding or even expecting a reward or thanks. He simply does the work that the Lord has asked of him and is silently serving in the kingdom. This is kinda how ive always seen Donnie in his home ward in Idaho. You can just tell they put their hearts into the callings they have been given. 
Yesterday, we had the opportunity to help a family change houses and Hermano Navas was their to help. Afterward we left with him to do his Home Teaching. Really, they were the normal things that a Latter-Day Saint should do. But he was giving his all for those that he was serving. Before the home teaching, he kinda vented to us about the load he has to carry. He asked why it was him that the Lord has chosen to be that one member that the ward calls when they have problems. He said that they have a branch president, home teachers, elders quorum and Relief Society to help them. Hermano Navas doesn't have a formal calling and yet he serves more than anyone i have ever met. 
He is a great example to us missionaries. In response to his questions we answered and told him,"Hermano, it does not matter WHERE you serve, but HOW you serve" He doesn't need a formal calling to do what the Lord has asked. 
I know that the Lord is more than willing to accept what we choose to give. He loves us and only asks for our best. I know that if we do so, He will have room to shape and mold us into what He would have us be or other words to help us to be like Him. 
I know that this is the True Church of our Heavenly Father and He has revealed to us His plan for our happiness. I love you all and invite you each to more fully give yourselves to your callings. I promise that He will bless you for it ;)

Pura Vida, 

-Elder Neider

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