Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Perez Zeledon, Cartago, Costa Rica 8.3.15

Dear Family, 

Well...bueno. Today we are in Cartago, (my first area) for a Zone Activity. Man, it was only a testimony meeting but man was it what I needed. It felt like every testimony was about overcoming hard trials and how the Atonement has blessed everyone. I was super grateful for all of what was said. 
We will be returning to San Jose on Tuesday night to stay with the secretaries for a multi zone conference with the Area President, Elder Duncan of the Seventy. Its gonna be SAWEET!!!
This last week I have also been having a little hard time with stress. It resulted that Hermana Markle thought it best to called the Mental Therapist of the Area, Elder Plaskett. Today we had the chance to touch base a little and we found that I have been having minor panic attacks. I don't have to take medication or anything, but we talked about a few exercises that I can do to calm my body down and relief stress. Nothing too major.
We have been enjoying El Dia de La Virgen in Cartago this last week. Basically its a celebration of the catholics of Mother Mary. Everyone walks by foot to Cartago Centro to get to the Costa Rican Vatican. Once there, they kneel down and walk on their knees to the altar to worship a volcanic rock which symbolizes her. It makes no sense and is the perfect example of idol worship but hey, it's all good in the hood. haha.
Not too much more to write except that I love you and I'm glad to hear of some much good news up there in the States. Please make it a priority to go the temple. Do what you need to make that a central part of your lives and youll always have enough energy, revelation, and strength to combat the adversary in the days to come. 

Sigamos Adelante, 
-Elder Neider

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