Sunday, August 2, 2015

Perez Zeledon, Cartago, Costa Rica 7.27.15

Dear Family, 

This week has been a little stressful. To start off, my pants didnt make it. He suffered a sever laceration on the bottoms of his legs. Hermana Elena did everything she could. But you just cannot physically add fabric to the pants to make them longer. She told me that it was time. So they are currently in the dresser of my companion. I had come to terms with it already. But this morning he said, "I want to go buy a nice pair of dress pants. All the ones I have are garbage" That ticked me off a bit but I resisted the urge to say something rude. Those were my favorite pants :'( 
The new sisters came in today. My area took a hit with as much time i had to leave to attend to them moving in. Last night they lost their telephone which meant i had to run down to San Isidro Center to get their numbers this morning. We spent an hour and a half looking for them because its P-Day and they were out buying food and stuff. Eventually we found them and they laughed at us and our misfortune. "Sorry Elders, but it wasnt our fault" hahaha its ok Hermana. Once again I had to resist the temptation to say something rude. 
Yesterday was pretty cool though. We went to San Jose for a special conference. The Stake of La Paz was divided and we are now a part of the Cartago Stake. What a blessing! Unfortunately, will are still a Branch. The members have stopped working again and so we lost the autorization to become a ward for now. But i have 5 weeks to get it back. 
This month of August we have as a goal, 9 confirmations. It will require a lot of planning, work, and faith to accomplish. I know that we can do it though. I have been trying my best to be a good leader and missionary. We will see what happens
ON Saturday, we had our two baptisms. I was super stoked for them. They are going to be such an awesome family. 
That's just about all that happened this last week. We shall see what this one brings. 

Love you all, 

-Elder Neider

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